Level Up!

So I realize that I haven’t updated this in a really long time, and for that I apologize.  I was really busy leveling up my pets to 25 before WoD hits.  On the upside, I accomplished that and I can’t tell you what an awesome feeling it is.  Having over 560 rare, level 25 pets is quite an accomplishment if I do say so myself and it’s one that I would hope all of you are going to achieve (if you haven’t already).

WoD is out November 13th and it’s going to be a huge celebration, I believe.  It will be the first real new content in about a year and I know a lot of people are super excited about it (myself included).  Lots of new pets coming up, and although I’m excited about capturing those, I must say that I’m kind of disappointed that so many are Flying pets.  I was hoping to see more Dragonkin, Humanoid, and Magic pets.  Oh well.  Hopefully there will be more of those kinds of pets coming later in WoD.

Also, there is Blizzcon coming up and for those of you who haven’t bought a ticket or Virtual Ticket, I would advise doing so (if it’s in the realm of possibility for you).  Even if it’s just for the pet, once Blizzcon is over, the price of the pet will be 2-3 times more than what you would have paid if you had bought the Virtual Ticket.  So get on that before it’s too late!

Soon, I will be posting about the new Hallow’s End pets along with the Blizzcon pet and the pets from the WoW anniversary event.  So be on the lookout for those.  In the meantime, happy battling!

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