Weekly Pet News

Sorry I didn’t have this up sooner, but I had a pressing engagement that I could not ignore. So instead of having this up on Wednesday, I’m putting it up today. 🙂

Good news! I finally got my PTR account to work. Yay! (Or at least it was still working before the most recent update. I hope it still does.) I will be going through and taking down notes on new pets, items, and all things pet battle-related. I’ve already begun a little bit by posting about a few of the new legendary pets that I’ve encountered in Tanaan Jungle so far. You can see that info by mousing over the 6.2 PTR Info link under the WoD Info header.

Unfortunately, I’ve missed Children’s Week this year. It’s a good thing I already have the pets from the event, otherwise I would be pretty upset. At least in the next world event, Midsummer Fire Festival, there is a new pet! Something to look forward to, I guess.

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Pet News

  1. NotSure

    Just found your site. WIll definitely share it around, well done !

  2. Thanks! 😀

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