New Pet Rewards

Pet rewards have kind of fallen by the wayside recently, which is a shame. It’s almost always a new pet, and while I love getting new pets, it would be nice to get new pet toys or other rewards to go along with them.

Here are some ideas for new pet rewards that I think would be nice to have:

– A new toy that can cosmetically change a pet (increasing its size, making it glow, putting a top hat on it, etc.).

– Savage Safari Hat. I know that this was datamined way back at the beginning of WoD, but nothing ever came of it. Why not add it to the game as a reward? I know that extra pet experience gained would certainly help out those who need to level quite a few of the pets in their collection.

– Zookeeper Trap. It would be nice to have a trap that is guaranteed to work on the pet you’re trying to capture. Obviously, this couldn’t be something that could be used frequently, but I think having it as a 1-time (or maybe even 2-time) deal wouldn’t be that bad. I shutter when I remember trying to capture an Unborn Val’kyr only to have it use Unholy Ascension before I could capture it. This could help alleviate some of that…misfortune.

– Item that makes a tamer battle easier. I personally know quite a few people that were put off by the pet battle tamers. They didn’t mind the “Old World” tamers, but once they started getting to Outland (especially Bloodknight Antari. I know people that quit pet battles because of him.), they weren’t having as good of a time. Since that’s kind of the whole point of pet battles, what if there was a way to make the battle a bit easier? The item that I have in mind is an item that would cause the battle to have a random (but positive, for you) effect put into play to help you out on those tamers that you’re stuck on. For example, if you use the item, maybe all of the tamer’s pets deal 10% reduced damage. Or maybe your pets all have 10% increased health. There are quite a few combinations that could be made with this that could help make those “tough” pet battles easier to deal with. Now obviously veterans have no need for this item, since most of us have already completed the tamer challenges. This would be more for the casual pet battlers who don’t devote as much time to the pet battles as perhaps some of us do. I know some are probably thinking that if they want easy battles, they should look up a team on Wowhead to defeat the tamers. But where’s the fun in that? You’re basically handed a win on a platter and you’re not learning anything about how pet battles work. Besides, maybe they don’t want to go that route. I know I wouldn’t.

– Item that increases the amount of experience your character receives from pet battles by a certain amount. Much like the Lesser Pet Treat/Pet Treat, this item would give experience, but not to your pets. It gives the extra experience to your character. A Lesser version (for 10 charms), would increase your experience gained from winning pet battles by 25% for an hour. The regular item (for 20 charms) would increase your experience gained by 50% for an hour. This is for those people (like me) who like to level their toons with pet battles.

– Items that increase your capture chance when you have them in your bags. Each item that you purchase would, when in your bags, increase your chance to capture a certain family of pets by 10%. This buff would last as long as the item is in your bags and the item does not expire or get used up when you use it. I know sometimes you have a pet that you’re trying to capture and it’s ridiculous how long it takes to finally capture the pet. Sometimes (and I know this has happened to me before), the pet takes so long to capture that your team dies or is close to death before the trap finally works! Hopefully, this would alleviate that a bit.

I came up with the following for items that could be used:

Fly Fishing Rod for Aquatics
Mark of the Beast for Beasts
Lucky Rabbit’s Foot for Critters
Fallen Dragon Scale for Dragonkin
Imbued Flower Pot for Elementals
Harpy’s Feather for Flying
Goblin’s Treasure Sack for Humanoids
Spellbound Tome for Magic
Swiss Army Wrench for Mechanicals
Cracked Tombstone for Undead

– A stone that increases a pet’s level to 25, like the Ultimate Battle-Training Stone, but these are family-specific, like the stones to change a pet’s rarity.

– A stone that changes a pet’s breed. I know that I’ve spent many hours trying to get certain pets in certain breeds and it’s not always an easy thing to do. A stone that could change a pet’s breed is something that I believe would be universally accepted. Obviously, this couldn’t work on a pet that only has 1 breed, but would be a welcome thing for those who do have more than 1 breed.

– And of course, there’s always the good ol’ standby, the pet treat. There could be some that increase pet experience by 75% or even 100%. I know that extra experience boost is definitely something that I would invest some pet charms in, and I bet I’m not the only one. 🙂




  • A stone that changes what family your pet counts as when determining damage.  For example, if you used a Critter stone, then all of your pets would take damage as if they were Critters rather than the family that they really belong to.  The stone would only last for a short while, though.  Something like 15 minutes or so.


  • A stone to increase an attribute for your pets, while decreasing another.  Like the stone mentioned above, this stone would affect all of your pets and would increase one of the 3 main attributes (power, speed, health) for 30 minutes while decreasing one of those same attributes.  The attributes affected would be completely random.  To prevent it from becoming too powerful, I would think that the attributes could be raised/lowered by a maximum of 50 (for power and speed) or 150 (for health).


  • An item that would teleport you to the Pet Park.  This item (on a 30 minute cooldown) would do exactly what it says….teleport you to the Pet Park.  It would be a toy, so it’s not consumable and it could be bought with Pet Charms at a Pet Charm vendor.  (This item would require that the Pet Park actually exist before becoming an item….obviously.  :D)

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