Pets FAQ

Q: I have a pet that I would like to cage to sell, but it says that I can’t cage it. Why?
A: First off, any and all wild pets are not cageable, so you cannot trade or sell them. Second, even some non-wild pets are not cageable so that they retain their value. For example, the Lucky Quilen Cub, which is obtainable from having the Collector’s Edition/Digital Deluxe Edition of Mists of Pandaria, is not tradeable so that it retains its value in the future.

Q: I have this really cool pet and I want another, but when I try to learn the new pet, I get an error message. Why?
A: Some pets, such as the Celestial Tournament pets, are basically unique pets, so you are only able to own one of them at a time per account. Here is a list of pets that you can only own one of at a time:

Lucky Quilen Cub
Mini Tyrael
Mini Diablo
Panda Cub
Lil’ Deathwing
Baby Blizzard Bear
Poley – from the iCoke Chinese promotion
Alterac Brew-Pup
Stunted Direhorn
Xu-Fu, Cub of Xuen
Red Panda
Zao, Calfling of Niuzao
Wind Rider Cub
Armadillo Pup
Little Fawn
Singing Cricket
Golden Pig
Silver Pig
Perky Pug
Lil’ Tarecgosa
Onyxian Whelpling
Celestial Dragon
Spirit of Competition
Essence of Competition
Tiny Green Dragon – from the iCoke Chinese promotion
Tiny Red Dragon – from the iCoke Chinese promotion
Yu’la, Broodling of Yu’lon
Kirin Tor Familiar
Core Hound Pup
Dark Phoenix Hatchling
Lil’ Ragnaros
Blossoming Ancient
Cinder Kitten
Jade Tentacle
Brilliant Kaliri
Dread Hatchling
Plump Turkey
Cenarion Hatchling
Gryphon Hatchling
Chi-Chi, Hatchling of Chi-Ji
Feral Vermling
Moonkin Hatchling (although you get both the Horde version and the Alliance version)
Murkimus the Gladiator
Pandaren Monk
Treasure Goblin
Jade Tiger
Onyx Panther
Zipao Tiger
Spectral Cub
Lil’ XT
Mini Thor
Lil’ K.T.
Fetish Shaman
Mr. Bigglesworth
Molten Corgi
Royal Peacock

Q: How do I rename my pet(s)?
A: When in the Pet Journal, right-click on one of your pets on the left hand side of the journal and navigate down to “Rename”. Do note that you are not allowed to name your pets anything offensive or vulgar. Blizzard generally forces people with these kinds of pet names to rename their pets.

Q: How long does it take for a pet to respawn?
A: It depends on the pet. Some wild pets, such as a rabbit, respawn very quickly (usually within 5 or 10 minutes), but there are others such as the Scourged Whelpling that have a much longer respawn timer.

Q: I saw pets while flying on a flight path but when I went back to battle them, they were gone. Why?
A: This is due to the CRZ (Cross-Realm Zone) phasing. While on a flight path, the realm that you’re on might be different than the one that you’ll be on when you land. Unfortunately, this can cause a lot of frustration, especially when looking for a rare pet. If you want to ensure that the pet will be there, run or fly yourself up to the pet so that you’ll still be on the same realm when you land.

Q: I bought a level 25 battle pet from the Auction House, but it won’t let me learn the pet. Why?
A: You can only learn (un-cage) pets that coincide with the level of pet(s) that you’ve personally leveled. For example, if you’ve leveled a pet yourself up to level 20, then you can un-cage pets that are up to level 20. If you want to un-cage a level 25 pet, you first have to physically level a pet to level 25. This is to prevent people from taking the easy way out and forces them to learn the ropes the hard way.

Q: What does it mean when on the tooltip it says “Collected (1/3)”?
A: This means that you have collected 1 of this pet, but have the ability to own 3 at a time.

Pet Abilities FAQ

Q: What is a “DoT”?
A: A DoT is a Damage-Over-Time Effect. DoTs are debuffs that will slowly kill off the enemy pet. You can read more about DoTs here.

Q: What is a “stat modifier”?
A: A stat modifier is an ability (or part of an ability) that modifies at least one of a pet’s statistics. Stat modifiers can either work for you (in the form of Buffs) or against you (in the form of Debuffs). An example of a buff stat modifier is Adrenaline Rush, which will increase your pet’s speed by 75% when used. An example of a debuff stat modifier is Screech, which will reduce the enemy pet’s speed by 25% when used.

Q: What is a “Buff” or “Debuff”?
A: I discuss Buffs and Debuffs at length under the Pet Battle Guide. You can find that information here.

Q: I had an ability used on me that turned me into an Undead but I didn’t get the Undead racial round. Why?
A: When the ability in question, Rot, is used, it doesn’t technically turn you into an Undead. You simply take damage as if you were Undead. Your pet will still retain it’s “true” family racial. The same is true when a pet uses Nature’s Ward to change them to an Elemental.

Q: It says that I have a 100% hit chance to hit the pet that I’m battling, but my ability is still missing. Why?
A: There could be many reasons why your abilities are still missing. Does the enemy pet have a dodge or block effect in play? That will cause your attack to miss no matter what the hit percentage of the ability is. Is the weather Darkness? If so, there’s a 10% hit chance reduction there (unless you’re an Elemental). Also, it could flat out be a bug that needs to get smashed. If you think it’s a bug, post about it in the bug forum on the World of Warcraft website.

Q: I saw you mention something about some abilities not being pet-specific. What does that mean?
A: Most abilities are pet-specific, meaning that they only target one pet at a time (almost always the enemy’s active pet). There are abilities, however, that are not pet-specific and will attack 2 or all 3 of the enemy’s pets at the same time.

Q: Can pet be affected by more than 1 status effect at time?
A: Unfortunately, yes. There are no limits as to how many statuses can affect a pet at one time.

Q: Why does Evasion last 2 rounds? The ability clearly says it lasts for 1 round, yet it blocks two rounds of attacks. What is going on here?
A: Technically, it does block only for 1 full round. If the enemy pet is faster than you are and uses an evasion ability, it will block the attack from that round plus any attacks from the next round. This is because the round that it is used in doesn’t count towards the blocking for 1 round (as it’s the current round and you having taken your turn already wouldn’t make up a full round). The next round that occurs would constitute a “full” round, and will end the evasion effect at the end of the round. To explain it better, if the enemy pet was slower than you were and used an evasion ability, it would last for the next round, otherwise there would be no point to the ability as it wouldn’t do anything.

Pet Battle FAQ

Q: I saw this yellow paw print on the mini-map and was wondering…what is it?
A: The yellow paw prints are the Beasts of Fable that you’ll encounter when you reach the highest levels in PvE pet battles.

Q: It says that I can’t start a pet battle because I’m in combat, but I’m not fighting anything. Why am I getting this message?
A: Perhaps you’re in combat with something, but aren’t aware of it. Some creatures have very big kiting ranges and you may be in combat with one even though you left it behind long ago. You may be in combat with a player that is stealthed/invisible and that would prevent you from starting a pet battle. Or the system might simply be bugged and will require you to log out then back in.

Q: When I try to create a pet battle, it says that it failed to do so. Why?
A: There are actually many reasons why this error message may occur. First, if you are on a trial account, you will be unable to participate in pet battles, even though you can learn the Battle Pet Training skill. Second, the terrain may not be level enough or the pet may be behind an obstacle. Third, there may not be enough space to battle the pet. Fourth, there must be a pet in the first battle pet slot. Check to make sure that one is in there. You can find out how to place pets here.

Q: My pets are only level 3! Why do I have to fight more than one pet at a time? That seems unfair.
A: It may seem unfair, but once your level a pet to level 3, your second pet battle slot will open, allowing you to use 2 pets in a battle. It’s only fair that the game uses 2 as well. Once you get to level 5, your final pet battle slot will open, allowing you to use 3 pets in a battle, so the game will as well.

Pet Selection FAQ

Q: Why do you use X pet instead of Y pet? I use Y pet and it always wins.
A: I use the pets that I chose because they meet at least 2 of the following criteria:

  • They are easily accessible pets (meaning you can find them easily or purchase them in the Auction House without spending more than 5k gold for a pet)
  • I know that the selected pet can perform well
  • I’ve personally tested that pet in the scenario that you’re talking about (meaning that it’s a pet that I have available to use and have used it before)
  • The selected pet will synergize well with the other pets in a group (when applicable – most of the time, I find that you don’t need to synergize pets in PvE battles)
  • I flat out like the pet (Sometimes, I just really enjoy a pet so I use it. The Feline Familiar is one such example.)

In most cases, in PvE tamer battles, you can substitute X pet for a number of different pets and still achieve the same result. I understand that not everyone is going to agree on what pets to use in which battles, but that’s part of the fun of pet battles. You can swap strategies and ideas to help you overcome whatever challenge you’re facing.

Q: I want to use a pet that’s going to do a lot of damage to (insert applicable pet family here). What should I use?
A: There’s a list of what pet abilities and what other pet families their certain type of abilities will deal additional damage to. You can find the list here.

Q: Can I pick 3 pets and level them from 1-25 going through everything or will it be required to swap to additional pets?
A: Technically, the answer is yes. You can pick 3 pets and level them from 1-25 going through everything. However, it is not something that I would advise. Eventually, you’re going to need more than those 3 pets (especially for the Celestial Tournament), so it’s wise to level more pets up at a time than just 3.

If you have any other FAQs you would like answered, send me a message. 🙂

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