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Pet Journal Enhanced – Greatly enhances the pet journal to include additional functionality, especially concerning Filters.
Pet Battle Teams – Allows you to create a list of pre-made teams for you to choose from so you don’t have to keep manually sticking pets in one by one.
Pet Battle Info – Displays pet abilities and cooldowns for PvE battles while in-battle.
PetTracker – Tracks locations of wild pets on your map, shows a list of pet tamers and their teams, and more.
Battle Pet BreedID – Displays what specific breed a pet is in almost any situation. Great for those wanting specific breeds of pets.
Rematch – Allows you to create and save certain teams for you so you don’t have to re-create them every time you’re ready to battle.
Auto Safari Hat – Automatically equips your Safari Hat for wild pet battles and pet tamer battles. Also automatically accepts, starts battles, and completes quests when you right-click on the tamer. (Note: You must have a Safari Hat for this add-on to work.)
Collect Me – Keeps track of pets/mounts/titles you’ve collected and gives you additional information on where to get them. Can also summon pets and mounts from a randomly defined list.
Daily Tamer Check – Tracks the completion of daily tamer quests.
WoWkemon – Completely rewrites the Blizzard frames for pet battles, making them look like the old Pokemon video games.
PokeBandage – Adds a button into the Pet Journal, next to the Revive Battle Pets button, that will use a Battle Pet Bandage to heal your pets.

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