Weekly Pet News

Sorry I didn’t have this up sooner, but I had a pressing engagement that I could not ignore. So instead of having this up on Wednesday, I’m putting it up today. 🙂

Good news! I finally got my PTR account to work. Yay! (Or at least it was still working before the most recent update. I hope it still does.) I will be going through and taking down notes on new pets, items, and all things pet battle-related. I’ve already begun a little bit by posting about a few of the new legendary pets that I’ve encountered in Tanaan Jungle so far. You can see that info by mousing over the 6.2 PTR Info link under the WoD Info header.

Unfortunately, I’ve missed Children’s Week this year. It’s a good thing I already have the pets from the event, otherwise I would be pretty upset. At least in the next world event, Midsummer Fire Festival, there is a new pet! Something to look forward to, I guess.

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Weekly Pet News

I finally got my PTR account to work (yay!), so I plan on getting on that as soon as I can so that I can go forth and find those new battle pets. From what I’ve heard about some of them, they seem to be rather difficult, but I’m sure that we’ll come up with something.

In other news, Blizzard posted a link to my explanation of the Howl Bomb strategy in one of their official blogs! I’m going to hazard a guess and say that it’s probably how you got here in the first place, but it’s still exciting news for me.

I’m still waiting for Bird Day to come back around so that I can get those updated power/speed stats for you. I don’t know why, but it always seems like it takes longer between Bird Days than it does for the other battles. (Even though I know it doesn’t.)

Children’s Week begins next week and it’s full of pets, so I’ll post more about those later. It’s never too early to start researching, though, so if you’re interested, Wowhead usually has a page full of info on the different World Events that occur during the year.

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No More Basket

So Noblegarden just came and went and if you didn’t get your Mystical Spring Bouquet, don’t be too sad. At least you didn’t miss out on a pet that can battle, and there’s always next year.

I’ve updated the power and speed stats of the pets in the Pet Menagerie battles with the exception of Jahan, Samm, and Archimedes. For some reason, I keep forgetting to write those updated stats down. So the next time that battle comes around, I’ll be sure to get that updated information for you.

In other news, I plan on doing a weekly write-up of all things battle pet-related. This can range anywhere from a pet of the week to new patch notes for battle pets. Be on the lookout for that. 🙂

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New 6.1 Info

With the addition of patch 6.1, we’ve received quite a bit of pet battle-related content and it’s only natural that I would want to share it with everyone.  Most of the information is from the PTR since it didn’t change from then until the patch hits, but for those of us that didn’t do the PTR this time around, the changes are quite different from what we’re used to.  That’s ok, though, because change is good!  (Most of the time, anyway)

There’s new info on Pet Charms, the Sea Calf, the Menagerie battles, Battle-Training Stones (including the new Ultimate Battle-Training Stone, the Darkmoon Faire and the Race MiniZep pet, the traveling tamers Erris the Collector and Kura Thunderhoof, and of course, Raiding With Leashes III!

If any of that tickles your fancy, head on over to the 6.1 Info page to find out more.  🙂

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New Info Up!

As you may or may not have noticed, there is a lot of new Warlords of Draenor information up. From a complete list of currently available WoD battle pets to new patch 6.1 info, you’re sure to find something interesting to read!

I’ve also posted all of the information that you’ll need regarding your Garrison and the Pet Menagerie, including how to obtain the buildings, the costs (both monetary and resource), the daily quests involving the Pet Menagerie, and how those buildings pertain to pet battles.

My strats for the WoD tamers have also been posted, so if you’ve been putting them off, now is a good time to head out and defeat those tamers!

In addition to the WoD tamer strats, I’ve also posted my guide to the An Awfully Big Adventure achievement. All 44 tamers required for the achievement have been listed. If you’re planning on using my guide, though, I would read the first part of the guide thoroughly. That way you’re not caught off-guard by anything.

I know that I said that I would post about Hallow’s End, Blizzcon, and Pilgrim’s Bounty, but those events were so far away that I don’t feel that they are really pertinent right now to anything. When those events come back around, perhaps I will cover them at their respective times.

Finally, Blizzard announced that the new patch, Patch 6.1, will be arriving on February 24th, which is this coming Tuesday. I will be posting all of the new information (the confirmed stuff) at that time, so be on the lookout for that.

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