Pet Battle Changes A’Comin

With the coming pre-patch on July 19th, a lot of changes are being made to pet battles.  Most of the changes due to occur deal with AoE abilities and pets that use them.  A list of the following are known changes that will take effect with the launch of the pre-patch:

Pet/Pet Ability Changes:

  1. Undead pets will now deal -25% damage during their invincibility round.
  2. Frog Kiss and Sleeping Gas will now have a 1 round cooldown added to them.
  3. Thunderbolt, Arcane Storm, Carpnado, Psionic Storm, Avalanche, and Grave Destruction now deal -15% base damage.  Thunderbolt will also have a 5 round cooldown to bring it in line with other, similar abilities.
  4. Graves – Clobber and Bonestorm have had their ability slots swapped.  Also, Graves’ base stats will be changed.  At level 25, its power will now be 297 (was 314), its speed will be 244 (was 211), and its health will be 1587 (was 1669).
  5. Cleave’s damage is reduced by 25%.
  6. Shell Armor’s duration is reduced to 2 rounds from 3 rounds.
  7. Howl now only affects 1 attack rather than 2 rounds.
  8. Pandaren Water Spirit’s Whirlpool and Geyser abilities now share the same slot.

I’m going to go over these a bit more in-depth along with providing the dev’s notes on these changes in a post under the Legion tab.  So if you’re interested in hearing my thoughts on these changes, feel free to take a look.

Miscellaneous Changes:

The WoD Deluxe Digital Edition is going away, so if you haven’t gotten your Dread Hatchling pet by the launch of the pre-patch, you’re almost out of luck.  😦  The only way to obtain the pet will be by getting a code from the physical collector’s edition of WoD.

The Brawler’s Guild will be going away for a while, so if you haven’t earned the Clock’em pet, you will be unable to do so until the Brawler’s Guild returns.  If you’ve earned the right to purchase the pet (by obtaining rank 4), you will still be able to do so while the Brawler’s Guild is down.  (Only the fights are down, the actual venue of the Guild will still be open.)

The amount of Pet Charms that you can earn from the Draenor dailies will be reduced by half.  This is to encourage you to do the Legion dailies which will also award the charms.  As you can imagine, this means that Pet Charms are still the currency for purchasing pet battle-related items in Legion.  If you have a stockpile of them, you’ll be in a good place when the launch of Legion occurs.

Some battle pets will be receiving visual updates.  I don’t know all of the pets that will be receiving these updates, but I do know that rabbits, squirrels, and sheep will be some of the pets that will be updated.  WarcraftPets has a more extensive list of pets that will be receiving these updates.

The Demon Invasions of the Legion pre-patch will have a pet associated with them, the Felbat Pup, much like WoD and the Bronze Whelpling.  However, in order to obtain the pet, you must purchase it with a special currency that can be obtained during the Invasions – Nethershards.  The pet will cost 150 Nethershards.  It is unknown if this pet will be available after Legion launches or not (though I could have sworn that I read somewhere that it would NOT be available), so you should collect it during the pre-patch as a “just in case” measure.


I’m sure there will be more pet battle-related topics to come up in the weeks to come.  When (or if) there are, I’ll be sure to add them here.  🙂

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RIP Ol’ Friend

I realize that I haven’t posted a Weekly Pet News in quite some time, and there’s actually a very good reason for it.  My computer died.  As in complete history, blue screen of death, sent to the big metal scrap pile in the sky dead. So now that you have a reason for the lack of new pet news, let’s actually talk about some new pet news.

The biggest news as of late is probably the fact that Graves has finally arrived!  This miniature bone golem from the Haunted Mines map of the new Blizzard game, Heroes of the Storm, has proven to be quite a nice pet for one that is relatively easy to get.  To obtain this pet, you must earn an account level of 20.  (Note that this is not a character level of 20, but an account level of 20.  So if you level Muradin to level 20 but only have an account level of 12, then you would not earn the pet.)  A lot of pet battle fans have been trying to get groups going for farming experience.  While I already have Graves, I enjoy Heroes of the Storm, so I will continue to play it.  If you would like to join up with me for a few games, add my battletag.  It is #Adumbledore1672.  As a side note, this week, June 16-23, all experience gained is increased by 100%, so it’s a GREAT time to get in and farm some of the experience that you’ll need for Graves.)

In other news, Blizzard has announced that Patch 6.2 will be arriving on June 23rd!  This is great news for pet enthusiasts, as there is quite a bit of pet-related content coming up in that patch.  This is also good news for me, since I would have to re-install the PTR as mine was taken from me when my computer hit the bricks.  Now I won’t need to re-install until next patch, which is nice.

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Weekly Pet News

So a lot has happened since my last update. The PTR has gotten a new update, so fingers crossed that once it downloads, my PTR account still works. If not, I don’t anticipate the PTR lasting *too* much longer, so whatever new information that comes out, I’ll just mine from other websites (or wait until the new patch hits). As for the legendary pet strats, if my PTR account no longer works, they will have to wait until the new patch hits so I can get those to you.

We’ve had a lot of information about the new pets that can be found in patch 6.2. Left Shark (from Katy Perry’s Super Bowl show) will make an appearance in a new Shipyard mission. So if you’re not interested in farming lunkers for Nat Pagle to get the Land Shark, this is an opportunity to have a shark pet without the hassle of collecting lunkers (and reputation, for that matter). We have also heard about the method we will need to use to earn the Graves pet from Heroes of the Storm. I have listed that information for you on the 6.2 PTR page.

In the past few days we’ve heard about 2 new pets that follow an Unborn Val’kyr-esque spawning technique – Sapphire Firefly and Crimsonwing Moth. Both of these pets can be found in Spires of Arak and Talador, respectively. Each pet, however, will only spawn 1 at a time in the entire zone. Needless to say, there are many players who are less than happy about this spawning condition-decision.

The most exciting news (in my opinion, anyway) is the addition of a Pet Battle themed weekend event that will boost the experience your pets earn by 200%! Not each event weekend will be a pet battle weekend, but it does give hope to those who have tons of pets to level and not much time to level them.

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Weekly Pet News

Sorry I didn’t have this up sooner, but I had a pressing engagement that I could not ignore. So instead of having this up on Wednesday, I’m putting it up today. 🙂

Good news! I finally got my PTR account to work. Yay! (Or at least it was still working before the most recent update. I hope it still does.) I will be going through and taking down notes on new pets, items, and all things pet battle-related. I’ve already begun a little bit by posting about a few of the new legendary pets that I’ve encountered in Tanaan Jungle so far. You can see that info by mousing over the 6.2 PTR Info link under the WoD Info header.

Unfortunately, I’ve missed Children’s Week this year. It’s a good thing I already have the pets from the event, otherwise I would be pretty upset. At least in the next world event, Midsummer Fire Festival, there is a new pet! Something to look forward to, I guess.

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Weekly Pet News

I finally got my PTR account to work (yay!), so I plan on getting on that as soon as I can so that I can go forth and find those new battle pets. From what I’ve heard about some of them, they seem to be rather difficult, but I’m sure that we’ll come up with something.

In other news, Blizzard posted a link to my explanation of the Howl Bomb strategy in one of their official blogs! I’m going to hazard a guess and say that it’s probably how you got here in the first place, but it’s still exciting news for me.

I’m still waiting for Bird Day to come back around so that I can get those updated power/speed stats for you. I don’t know why, but it always seems like it takes longer between Bird Days than it does for the other battles. (Even though I know it doesn’t.)

Children’s Week begins next week and it’s full of pets, so I’ll post more about those later. It’s never too early to start researching, though, so if you’re interested, Wowhead usually has a page full of info on the different World Events that occur during the year.

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