Healing/Reviving Your Pets

Basics of Battling: Healing/Reviving Your Pets

(This section is going to involve healing and reviving your pets only after battle. Battle healing spells and abilities are covered in the Pet Abilities section.)

Your pets are going to get injured (or killed) in the battles to come (though they will gain back 50% of the damage that they took participating in the battle once the battle is over due to Battle Restoration, if they’re still alive, that is), so you’re going to need a way to fix them up, right? Well, thankfully, there are multiple options for you to use to accomplish this. The first is to use the Revive Battle Pets spell (it’s the icon in your pet journal that looks like a cat with its head bandaged up), the second is to visit a Stable Master, and the third is to use a Battle Pet Bandage. Let’s talk a bit more in-depth about each of these methods.

Revive Battle Pets is a spell that you learn from the Pet Battle Trainers when you learn Battle Pet Training. It is at the top-right of the pet journal and will instantly heal and revive any and all dead and injured pets, but it’s on an 8 minute cooldown. It’s kind of a long cooldown for pet battles, but it’s a way to heal your pets no matter where you are. Revive Battle Pets’ cooldown is not shared by your other characters, however, if you attempt to log-in to a different character while your spell is on its cooldown you will be greeted with a 3 minute cooldown on the spell. Blizzard implemented this to prevent people from pulling this scenario. Still, if your cooldown is at 8 minutes, sitting for a 3 minute cooldown is still superior. (When you log back in with the original toon, your spell will also be placed on a 3 minute cooldown unless its cooldown is still higher than 3 minutes, then it will retain its original cooldown.)

Note: In WoD, if you have level 2 Menagerie, then your Revive Battle Pets spell only has a 4 minute cooldown. The catch is that the cooldown is only reduced while you are on Draenor. If you leave any of the WoD zones, then the cooldown will increase to its original 8 minute cooldown.

The second way to heal is your pets is to visit a Stable Master. The Stable Masters can fully heal and revive all of your battle pets…for a fee. It costs 10 silver to heal your pets, which is extremely cheap and is a much better option than to switch to another toon for their Revive Battle Pets spell. The reasons for that are:

1. The fee is only 10 silver, which you can find killing a couple of mobs.
2. If you *do* switch to another toon, the Stable Master won’t be able to heal your pets because they will share that same 3 minute cooldown with Revive Battle Pets. Another implementation of Blizzard’s to prevent people from doing just that. Instead, they will give you some text about working on a pet already and for you to come back later or something like that. Not cool.

So as you can see, it’s generally better to simply stay on that toon that you’re on and find a Stable Master. You can find them in almost any zone, in large encampments and in every racial capital for sure. If you’re tracking them, they can be found by their horseshoe symbol on the mini-map.

List of Stable Masters in WoW: Stable Masters

The third and final way is probably the best way to heal your pets, but it’s also the most limited of the three ways of healing your pets. This way of healing your pets requires that you use the Battle Pet Bandages, which stack to 25 per stack. They are bind-on-account, so they can be transferred from one toon to the next on the same account. The bandages will completely heal and revive all injured/dead pets and it has no cooldown and the cost is 1 bandage. The problem is that there are only 2 ways of getting the Battle Pet Bandages. One way is from the various bags of pet supplies. They are:

Sack of Pet Supplies – You can earn these from the various Pet Tamers once you’ve defeated them. Every pet tamer will give you one of these sacks the first time you defeat them. Once you’ve defeated them once, only certain tamers will give the sacks during their respective dailies. The list of those tamers that give daily sacks are:

Grand Master Trixxy (Winterspring)
Grand Master Lydia Accoste (Deadwind Pass)
Grand Master Antari (Shadowmoon Valley)
Grand Master Payne (Icecrown)
Grand Master Obalis (Uldum)
Grand Master Hyuna (Jade Forest)
Grand Master Nishi (Valley of the Four Winds)
Grand Master Mo’ruk (Krasarang Wilds)
Grand Master Yon (Kun-Lai Summit)
Grand Master Zusshi (Townlong Steppes)
Grand Master Shu (Dread Wastes)
Grand Master Aki (Vale of Eternal Blossoms)

Darkmoon Pet Supplies – A sack of supplies you can earn from defeating Jeremy Feasel at the Darkmoon Faire. You can only earn one of these per day, per account.

Pandaren Spirit Pet Supplies – You earn these from the Pandaren Spirit Tamers in the Jade Forest (Whispering Spirit), Dread Wastes (Flowing Spirit), Townlong Steppes (Burning Spirit) and Kun-Lai Summit (Thundering Spirit). You can earn up to 4 per day, as they give these away each day for completing their daily quest.

Brawler’s Pet Supplies – These are a reward for completing the weekly quest What We’ve Been Waiting For, which is a PvP weekly. It requires you to defeat 10 people with a team of level 25 pets. It is the only daily or weekly quest that has to do with pet PvP.

Fabled Pandaren Pet Supplies – These are a reward for completing the daily quests “Beasts of Fable: Book I”, “Beasts of Fable: Book II”, and “Beasts of Fable: Book III”. As you can see, they involve defeating the Beasts of Fable. You can earn 3 of these bags per day, as they are rewards for completing the Beasts of Fable daily quests.

Not every sack of supplies will have bandages in them. Sometimes, they will only have trash items in it or perhaps Magical Pet Biscuits. You never know until you open them.

The other way of earning Battle Pet Bandages is to purchase them at the Celestial Tournament. You can purchase them from Master Li for 1 Celestial Coin per every 25 bandages you purchase. While this will give you a lot of bandages, fast, it is generally viewed as a poor way of obtaining the bandages as you have to complete the Celestial Tournament to receive one coin. When you can only earn one coin per week, per account, it makes this seem like a waste of a coin (and in my opinion, it is).

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