Howl Bomb Strategy

Advancing Skills in Pet Battling: The Howl Bomb Strategy


Note:  As of Patch 7.0, this strategy will no longer work due to changes with the Howl ability and the Pandaren Water Spirit pet.  I am going to leave this post here, however, for posterity’s sake.


In my opinion, no pet battle guide would be complete without including the Howl Bomb strategy and I would be remiss if I didn’t include it as well. The Howl Bomb strategy involves the use of 3 pets that, when used in conjunction, can overcome pretty much anything. (I do mean anything). The 3 pets that need to be used are: Unborn Val’kyr, Pandaren Water Spirit, and Chrominius.

The Unborn Val’kyr is, unfortunately, rare. It spawns in random places throughout Northrend and is pretty difficult to catch. However, I would highly recommend that you attempt to do so because it is a really good pet and it looks awesome too. After you’ve caught your Unborn Val’kyr, you’ll want it to use the following abilities: 1, 2, 2. Remember how to do that? I know I said I wouldn’t post something like that, but I want to jog your memory. In case you don’t remember, that translates to Shadow Slash, Curse of Doom, Unholy Ascension. Now that you have that in place, we can focus on the other two pets.

The Pandaren Water Spirit can be obtained in many ways. You can attempt to earn it from defeating the Flowing Pandaren Spirit tamer each day until you get one in the Pandaren Spirit Pet Supplies bag, you can get it as a reward for completing Pandaren Spirit Tamers, or you can simply purchase it out of the Auction House. However you obtain it, you should as it is a good pet as well. After you’ve obtained this pet, you’ll want to use 1, 2, 2 as well. That translates to: Water Jet, Whirlpool, Geyser. The Pandaren Water Spirit is the only pet currently in the game that allows the use of both Whirlpool and Geyser at the same time. It’s a pretty awesome pet if you ask me.

The final pet you’ll need is Chrominius. You can obtain this pet from Chromaggus in Blackwing Lair or by purchasing it from the Auction House. Personally, I think the pet looks awesome so even if it wasn’t such a good pet, I’d still want it. After you’ve obtained your Chrominius, you’ll want to use the following abilities: 1, 1, 2. This translates to Bite, Howl, Surge of Power. And now that we have our team together, let’s put them in their slots and start howl bombing some pets.

Place your Unborn Val’kyr into the first slot, Pandaren Water Spirit into the second slot, and Chrominius in the third slot. Start off with your Unborn Val’kyr and immediately use Curse of Doom. That is going to deal a nice chunk of damage in 5 rounds. After you have CoD up, use Unholy Ascension. Even though it’s going to kill off your Val’kyr, it’s going to curse the enemy (or enemy team if you’re up against an entire team) to take an additional 25% damage for 9 rounds. Once the Val’kyr is gone, bring in your Water Spirit and use Geyser. It’s a nice delayed ability that will stun the enemy pet (unless it’s a Critter) and deal good Elemental damage. After Geyser, use Whirlpool. It’s also a nice delayed ability that will deal good Aquatic damage and root the target for 2 rounds (again, unless you’re fighting a Critter). Once you have those two abilities up, swap to your Chrominius and immediately use Howl. This will increase the damage the target takes by 100%. So add that in with the Unholy Ascension and you get +125% damage to the pet. After you’ve used Howl, Geyser and Whirlpool should connect, killing off the pet (since it took damage earlier from Curse of Doom). If not, use Surge of Power and it should most definitely kill the pet. I’ll break it down a bit so it’s easier to see:

Round 1: Use Curse of Doom with Val’kyr.

Round 2: Use Unholy Ascension with Val’kyr. Val’kyr dies.

Round 3: Water Spirit comes in.

Round 4: Use Geyser with Water Spirit.

Round 5: Use Whirlpool with Water Spirit.

Round 6: Swap in Chrominius. Curse of Doom goes off, dealing heavy Undead damage.

Round 7: Use Howl with Chrominius. Both Geyser and Whirlpool go off, dealing insane Aquatic damage (Whirlpool) and Elemental damage (Geyser) each. Usually pet dies here. If not….

Round 8: Use Surge of Power with Chrominius. Pet has 99.99% chance of biting the dust if not already dead.

This strategy works for any PvE pet, including the Tamer battles, Pandaren Spirit Tamers, Beasts of Fable, and even Celestial Tournament pets. I would suggest, though, that you save it for emergencies. So there you have the Howl Bomb strategy. Enjoy. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Howl Bomb Strategy

  1. John

    Geyser is Elemental damage, not Aquatic — good explanation of the Howl Bomb though! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the great guide 🙂

  3. Linl Gowan

    So what do we use in place of geyser or whirlpool or which one is the best from the two

    • Personally, I wouldn’t even bother trying to replace any part of the Howl Bomb. You can accomplish more power by using the Zandalari raptors (Black Claw then Hunting Party), or even Ikky (Black Claw then Flock). Out of the two abilities, though, Geyser is generally seen as the better of the two abilities, simply because of the stun (this, of course, depends on what pet you’re fighting).

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