Pet Battle Rewards

Basics of Battling: Rewards

So what do I get for participating in Pet Battles? You mean other than a good time and some really awesome pets? Well, there are many things you can earn by doing pet battles. As said earlier, you can earn various sacks of pet supplies, various battle-stones to help you with your pets, experience for your toon (if you’re under level 90) plus experience for your pets, and even some Lesser Charms of Good Fortune, which are used to make Warforged Seals for the Siege of Orgrimmar raid.

“Yeah that’s all fine and dandy, but what comes in those sacks of pet supplies?”

You can find a lot of different things in those bags. Here’s a rough list of things you can expect to find in the bags:

Sack of Pet Supplies:

Exquisite Murloc Leash
Hair Ball
Rusty Pet Cage
Sack of Expired Pet Food
Tattered Collar
Well-Loved Toy
Chain Pet Leash
Red Ribbon Pet Leash
Rope Pet Leash
Battle Pet Bandages
Fetch Ball
Happy Pet Snack
Magical Mini-Treat
Magical Pet Biscuit
Pet Grooming Kit
Flawless Aquatic Battle-Stone
Flawless Beast Battle-Stone
Flawless Critter Battle-Stone
Flawless Dragonkin Battle-Stone
Flawless Elemental Battle-Stone
Flawless Flying Battle-Stone
Flawless Humanoid Battle-Stone
Flawless Magic Battle-Stone
Flawless Mechanical Battle-Stone
Flawless Undead Battle-Stone

In the rest of the various types of bags, you can find all of the items listed above plus some special ones that can only be found in their specific bags. I’ll list them here:

Pandaren Spirit Pet Supplies

There is a quest called Pandaren Spirit Tamer, where you have to go and defeat all 4 pandaren spirits. The reward is one of the elemental spirit pets. It’s a one-time only deal, but you can get the rest of them by completing their daily quests. (Note: The spirit pets will not always be in the supply bags. It’s a random reward, just like everything else.)

Pandaren Air Spirit – Can only be found in the supply bag given by the Whispering Pandaren Spirit tamer.
Pandaren Earth Spirit – Can only be found in the supply bag given by the Thundering Pandaren Spirit tamer.
Pandaren Fire Spirit – Can only be found in the supply bag given by the Burning Pandaren Spirit tamer.
Pandaren Water Spirit – Can only be found in the supply bag given by the Flowing Pandaren Spirit tamer.

Darkmoon Pet Supplies

You can only earn one of these bags per day, per account. You can also only earn them when the Darkmoon Faire is available.

Darkmoon Prize Ticket
Darkmoon Eye

Fabled Pandaren Pet Supplies

The Fabled Pandaren Pet Supplies bag is given by completing the daily quests: Beasts of Fable: Book I, Beasts of Fable: Book II, and Beasts of Fable: Book III. There is also an introduction quest that must be completed before the dailies open up: Beasts of Fable. The reward for completing the quest is a Red Panda and the opening of the daily quests so you can get these bags. Again, the pets are not guaranteed drops, they are random just like everything else.

This is the only known way of obtaining the Lesser Pet Treats.

Lesser Pet Treat
Mountain Panda
Snowy Panda
Sunfur Panda

Brawler’s Pet Supplies

The Brawler’s Pet Supplies bag is a reward for completing the weekly pet PvP quest, What We’ve Been Training For. It is the only way to get one of these bags. It is also one of the only two ways of obtaining Pet Treats. (Purchasing them from the Celestial Tournament is the other.)

Pet Treat

As you can see, you can earn quite a variety of objects from participating in pet battles. Not only do you get stuff, but it’s fun at the same time. So get out and get battling!

Now you know the basics of pet battles and this concludes the Basics of Battling section of the tutorial. For the next few sections, they will be considered Intermediate skills and will involve more complicated topics.

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