Pet PvP

Advancing Skills in Pet Battling: Pet PvP

If you’re interested in PvP, you’ll be glad to know that you can PvP with your battle pets. The easiest way to begin doing pet PvP is to use the queueing system Blizzard put in place. To queue, go into your pet journal and navigate down to the bottom right-hand corner of the journal. You should see a button that says “Find Battle”. This will place you into the pet PvP queue, much like a queue for a dungeon/battleground/raid finder/etc. Once a suitable match has been found, you’ll have a set amount of time to accept the battle request before you are kicked out of the queue. When/if you accept the queue, you’ll be transported to the battlefield.

The battlefield can be in any zone on the current continent that your player character is on, and it is here that you will do battle with the other player. (Do note that when you appear in this zone, your player character has not teleported to that zone. Once the battle is over and you leave, you will reappear where you were before you went to the battlefield.) While in the zone, you can see any nearby NPCs and critters, but players in that zone cannot see you and cannot attack you while in a PvP pet battle. So that’s nice, especially for people on PvP realms.

While on the battlefield, both players have their looks and characteristics altered. Each person will see their opponent, but they will be represented by a randomly generated model that will more than likely not represent the player character’s true nature (they could have their race, gender, faction, and perhaps even class changed by the model). Both player characters’ names are hidden as well to prevent the other player from harassing them later on. If you are paired up with the same person, though, you can generally tell, especially if their pets have special names. This is because special pet names are shown and unless you change out your pets or change their names, the other person will know it’s you. You also cannot interact with the opponent in any way. You cannot see their realm, guild, or name (as said before) and you cannot speak to them. The opponent’s true character may not even be in the same faction as you are.

Once the battle has begun, each player has the opportunity to observe their opponent’s pets, which is a wise thing to do. After this time, each player must choose a pet to start off with. Once the starting pets have been chosen, battle will begin. Like PvE pet battles, PvP pet battles are also turn-based. Unlike PvE pet battles, though, PvP battles are timed, meaning that each player has a certain amount of time to decide what ability they would like to use. The timer starts at 15 seconds and if you don’t choose an ability within that time limit, your turn will be passed. After that, your round timers will grow shorter and shorter should you continuously take longer than the alloted time for choosing an ability. The battle will continue until one side is defeated or until one side forfeits and concedes defeat. In either case, once one of these conditions occur, any experience gained is alloted and the battle is over. Even if someone forfeits and nothing had occured yet, the team that did not forfeit will still receive experience.

Your pets successfully defeated the enemy team – Win
Your pets were defeated by the enemy team – Loss
Your team forfeited the match – Loss
Your opponent’s team forfeited the match – Win
Both sets of pets were defeated – Draw

When you leave a pet PvP battle, you may notice that your pets have the same amount of health as they did when they entered the pet battle. When pets leave a pet PvP battle, they are returned to the same health and status as when they entered the battle. You cannot queue for a battle if any of your pets are dead (or if you are currently in a pet battle), however, you are able to participate in other pet battles while in queue and if any of those pets die during that time and are not resurrected before the battle, they will be dead at the beginning of the match. Therefore, it is prudent to ensure that all of your pets are fully healed before accepting the match request.

I Challenge You To A Duel!

Dueling is almost exactly like the queued version of pet PvP, except without the queue. You simply have to ask someone if they would like to duel your battle pets. You do this by right-clicking on their portrait and selecting ” “. If they accept your request, the battle will begin. Once the battle has begun, everything will take place just like a queued pet PvP battle. The same restrictions apply with turn timers and all. After the battle, your pets will return to the same health and status as they were before entering the battle. (I don’t know if you can duel someone with a pet that’s dead or not. I assume you can, but you never know.)

A difference between pet duels and pet battles are that dueling other people’s pets will not award your pets any experience. Also, any duels will not count towards any sort of Battle Pet achievement. Blizzard placed this protection in place so that people couldn’t scam the system by dueling people they knew would concede, thus granting them free experience and achievements.

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