Pet Tracking

Basics of Battling: Pet Tracking

When you learn Battle Pet Training, the Pet Battle Trainers will also teach you the Track Pets ability. Much like the Hunter’s tracking abilities, you can activate this by going up to your mini-map and clicking the little magnifying glass. Go down to Track Pets and click the box. This ability is automatically turned on when you learn Battle Pet Training, but if it has been turned off somehow, that is how to restore the ability. Now let’s get out there and find some pets!

Pets that are tracked, show up as paw prints on the mini-map:

 photo pawpring3_zps096d5f8e.jpg

If you mouseover the paw print, it will also tell you what pet that paw print represents:

 photo pawpring4_zpsccf38234.jpg

And once you find the pet, if you can battle it, a paw print will be above the pet itself:

 photo pawpring5_zpsab18ed3d.jpg

Note that not all paw prints will be alike. While 99% of them will be exactly the same, once you get up into the highest castes of PvE pet battling, you will encounter the Beasts of Fable. They do not have the standard green paw print. They are represented by a yellow paw print, signifying their location and letting you know that you can battle the pet. Yellow paw prints indicate that you cannot capture the pet, though, so it’s not like a true, wild pet battle.

Unfortunately, there will be times when you wish to battle a pet and you find its paw print on the mini-map, but you cannot find the pet. This is due to a hiccup in the placing of the pet and it’s usually either stuck in a tree, a rock, or is simply underground where you can’t get to it. If that’s the case, you’ll just have to remember that you can’t get that pet and go on to the next one. Again, it’s unfortunate, but you’re more than likely going to encounter it, so don’t get downtrodden when you do.

Note that if a critter or creature does not have a paw print above their heads, they are not eligible for pet battling. Even if they are in a group of alike pets that can battle, if there is no paw print, you can’t battle it.

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