An Awfully Big Adventure, Pt. 1

The achievement, An Awfully Big Adventure, is the most recent high-end PvE pet battle content we have received. As you will see below, it requires that you defeat quite a few trainers with an Elekk Plushie on your team. Normally, that wouldn’t sound so bad, but when you’re faced with the knowledge that the Elekk Plushie is essentially dead weight on your team it can be pretty daunting. Still, it can certainly be done, and with the right guide, you too will complete this interesting achievement.

I am going to go ahead and say that when I wrote this, I assumed two things. One, that your Elekk Plushie was level 25 (which there isn’t any reason why it shouldn’t be), and two, that your Elekk Plushie has the ability Itchin’ For a Stitchin’ active. If not, I would recommend that you do both of those things before attempting this guide.

Note: The strategies that are listed in the following sections are what I used to defeat the various tamers. They may or may not work for you depending on RNG (good or bad). If you don’t succeed at first, though, try again.

I will be breaking this guide up into 3 sections, as it would be far too long to post all of it one or even two pages.

An Awfully Big Adventure – You must defeat each of the following trainers with an Elekk Plushie on your team:


Grand Master Trixxy

Eastern Kingdoms:

Lydia Accoste


Nicki Tinytech – Hellfire Peninsula
Ras’an – Zangarmarsh
Narrok – Nagrand
Morulu the Elder – Shattrath City
Bloodknight Antari – Shadowmoon Valley


Beegle Blastfuse – Howling Fjord
Okrut Dragonwaste – Dragonblight
Gutretch – Zul’Drak
Nearly Headless Jacob – Crystalsong Forest
Major Payne – Icecrown


Brok – Mount Hyjal
Bordin Steadyfist – Deepholm
Goz Banefury – Twilight Highlands
Obalis – Uldum


Hyuna of the Shrines – Jade Forest
Mo’ruk – Krasarang Wilds
Farmer Nishi – Valley of Four Winds
Courageous Yon – Kun-Lai Summit
Seeker Zuushi – Townlong Steppes
Wastewalker Shu – Dread Wastes

Pandaren Spirits:

Whispering Pandaren Spirit – Jade Forest
Burning Pandaren Spirit – Townlong Steppes
Flowing Pandaren Spirit – Dread Wastes
Thundering Pandaren Spirit – Kun-Lai Summit

Celestial Tournament:

Blingtron 4000
Chen Stormstout
Dr. Ion Goldbloom
Lorewalker Cho
Shademaster Kiryn
Sully “the Pickle” McLeary
Taran Zhu
Wise Mari


Ashlei – Shadowmoon Valley
Gargra – Frostfire Ridge
Cymre Brightblade – Gorgrond
Taralune – Talador
Vesharr – Spires of Arak
Tarr the Terrible – Nagrand

Darkmoon Faire:

Jeremy Feasel
Christoph VonFeasel

Let’s get into those trainers!

The first section of trainers will be posted in part 2.

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