WoD Pet Menagerie

With the launch of Warlords of Draenor, each character is given a garrison that they can use. One of the buildings that you can earn is the Pet Menagerie. This is the building that is most involved in pet battles. It is given to you instead of having to learn the first blueprints first. The Menagerie does not take up any small/medium/large plots, but it also cannot be moved around your garrison like other buildings.

You will first be able to obtain the Pet Menagerie once you have a level 3 garrison. You must also be at least level 98 and have completed the quest Pets Versus Pests. You must also have a level 3 garrison in order to obtain the Pet Menagerie. This can be a bit confusing, as a level 3 garrison requires you to be level 100. So, you actually need to be level 100 to obtain the Pet Menagerie, but only level 98 to start the Pets Versus Pests quest. It makes the level requirement for Pets Versus Pests unnecessary, since even though you are eligible for the quest, level-wise, you won’t be able to obtain the quest until you’re level 100.

Once you’ve turned level 100 and have upgraded your garrison to level 3, you can get the quest Pets Versus Pests (Alliance) or Pets Versus Pests (Horde) from Lio the Lioness (Alliance) or Serr’ah (Horde). They will be located at your garrison’s Pet Menagerie.

Speaking of your Menagerie, you’ll need to place it in your garrison. When you turn level 100, head to your garrison and level your town hall to level 3. Once you have done that, complete the Pets Versus Pests quest. Once that has been done, turn in the completed quest and it will automatically start building your Pet Menagerie. The initial building cost (level 1) is free and it will be built instantly. Now you have a Pet Menagerie!

To upgrade the Pet Menagerie to level 2, purchase the blueprints (Garrison Blueprint: Menagerie, Level 2) from Rezlak (Horde) or Sparz Boltwist (Alliance). The cost for the blueprints is 1,000 gold. Once you’ve learned the blueprint, you can upgrade your Pet Menagerie. Click on your architect table and the upgrade button on your Pet Menagerie. The cost is 300 gold and 50 garrison resources. It will also take 1 hour for the upgrade to be completed.

Upgrading the Pet Menagerie to level 3 requires you to have won 150 pet battles in Draenor to earn the Draenic Pet Battler achievement. Once you’ve completed the achievement, it will unlock the blueprint (Garrison Blueprint: Menagerie, Level 3) from your respective blueprints vendor (located near the Architect Table in your garrison). Like with the level 2 blueprint, it costs 1,000 gold. Once you’ve learned the blueprint, you can upgrade your Pet Menagerie. Upgrading it to level 3 will cost 500 gold and 300 garrison resources. As with the last upgrade, this upgrade will also take 1 hour to complete. However, once you’ve completed it, you’ll have a fully upgraded Pet Menagerie, so it’s worth it. 🙂

Total Cost for upgrading your Pet Menagerie to Level 3:

2,800 gold
350 garrison resources

Now with upgrading your Menagerie, you will also get benefits from having the Menagerie upgraded. Let’s go through them, shall we?

When your Pet Menagerie is level 1, you can battle elite pets each day through the quests Battle Pet Roundup (Alliance) or Scrappin’ (Horde), and it allows 5 of your pets to wander around your garrison. These pets are chosen at random, but if you have a list of favorites in your pet journal, it will always try to pull from that list.

Upgrading your Pet Menagerie to level 2 will change your trap to a Draenic Trap, which increases your pet trap chance by 45% each time your traps miss and it will also reduce your Revive Battle Pets ability from 8 minutes to 4 minutes while you are on Draenor. You can also have up to 10 of your pets wander around your garrison.

Upgrading your Pet Menagerie to level 3 will unlock the particularly lucrative quest, Mastering the Menagerie. This quest will replace the old Battle Pet Roundup/Scrappin’ quest and the rewards from this quest are potentially much better than the old reward. I’ll go into this quest and its rewards some more later on.

That’s about all you need to know about the new Pet Menagerie. If you have any questions or comments about the Pet Menagerie, please let know by posting here or messaging me through a channel posted on the Contact page.

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